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Noise pollution is not merely an annoying phenomenon caused by road or railway traffic, but constitutes a real danger for health of human beings in the vicinity. The complete elimination of noise pollution is impossible when it is caused by a permanent source, however it can be kept within acceptable limits.


Elaborate progress has been made in this field and Europe has been in the fore-front in this area, resulting in the formulation of the European standards EN 1793 & EN 1794.

Fracasso has wide experience in the field of noise mitigation and has erected many miles of Noise Barriers all over Europe in conformance with the above standards namely EN 1793 & 1794. The European standard EN 1793 refers to performance characteristics of the barrier and is composed of three parts:


Part 1- Sound absorption,

Part 2- Airborne sound insulation,

Part 3 - Normalized traffic noise spectrum.


The European standard EN 1794, on the other hand, refers to the physical characteristics of the material and is composed of two parts,


Part 1 - Mechanical performance and stability requirements,

Part 2 - General safety and environmental requirements.


These above two standards ensure overall product compliance in terms of physical compatibility as well as performance compatibility.


In compliance with the standards, the acoustic barriers are classified according to various factors, amongst which the main ones are the sound deadening, the sound proofing and insertion loss of the barrier. Sound deadening and sound proofing being the intrinsic characteristics of noise barriers, which indirectly and feasibly affect the overall performance of the barrier, the insertion loss is the factor that relates to the real difference between the noise level at the source and the noise level behind the barrier. It may be stated that insertion loss IL represents the reduction of noise. The design is thus developed, in order to obtain maximum value of IL.


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