Highest Standard

Tested Metal Crash Barriers

Metal Crash Barriers have proven to be the best solution to restraining of errant vehicles on roads in order to prevent accidents and loss of lives. The W & Trie beam semi rigid barrier is now in vogue all over the world and incorporates superior operational characteristics.

Tested Metal Crash Barriers


Compliant with EN 1317, AASHTO, British Standard Specification, AS/NZS 3845, and Ministry of road transport & highways, India


Specialized in wide range of crash barriers solutions suitable to client requirements


Run by highly qualified IIT bombay technocrats. Serving customers across world.



1. Minimizes damage to moving vehicles and to the passengers by providing tested barriers.

2. Controls the exit angle of the vehicle after impact by effective redirection and gradual deceleration and prevents the errant vehicle from skidding back

3. Ensure a long life of the system by providing hot dip galvanized components.

4. The W beam (2N) & Thrie Beam (3N) component of the semi rigid barrier absorbs maximum energy by flattening out and hence laterally restrains the vehicle from veering over.

5. Time saving effective repairs in case of accidents.

6. Acts as a good visual guide to the drivers more importantly in night driving conditions.